Sausage Anyone?

Why is that as soon as the Xmas Markets appear in Manchester everyone goes batshit crazy over sausage? This is clearly not a new phenomena for me, but virtually every invitation received, when they appear, is, ‘Shall we meet at the markets and get a sausage?’. If only dating was that easy.

So far I’ve had four sausages. I’ve spent far too much money on Glühwein, and I don’t in the least bit feel Christmassy, whatsoever, nothing, nil, nada. I’ve tried. I’ve bought some deccies from John Lewis, I’ve bought my presents to send to Brazil, (to my sister i’m not that generous to send them to just anyone you know) and i’m gearing up for the parents arriving.

But Lou, it’s the 29th November are you mad? Yes. But then, every year, I feel the same. When did the magic of Christmas disappear? (It was when I got periods, when I went to secondary school and I discovered that a dog was for life not just for Christmas which is why we never got one). I decided this year I was going to make a conscious effort to feel …something… this Christmas, so if it means starting early then so be it.

As kids we never wrote lists of what we wanted for Christmas, I’ve always felt abit thingy about that ‘tradition’. I think, the point of Christmas is that it’s a time for family, and a time for those people to share their love with you, by exchanging gifts, and what am I saying, I don’t believe that, I hated people that got to write lists of gifts because we were never allowed to do that, we were taught, what ever present you get, you WILL like it. Unless it doesn’t fit, you’ve got one already, or it’s a health and safety hazard (dad was big on this, always the fireman).
We wrote a gift list once. I remember this because on my list I wrote that i’d like a hifi. On Christmas morning this big box was bought out to the living room, I was so excited, absolutely beside myself that I was getting an actual hifi like all the other people at my school. When I opened it, it was a vanity case. Utter utter disappointment engulfed my every being, but we’d been taught, you WILL like what ever you get, and so with every core of my being wanting to cry, I didn’t, I accepted it and said thank you and went up to my room to listen to my Wham record that my nan had bought me, wondering how the fuck I was going to play it. Nicola got a microscope. Yep.
Oh happy day. I got the hifi for my birthday the following year. I listened to that album about 152 times that day, cos it was the only record I owned, there was a downside to being a music fan, you actually had to buy the records. The first record I ever bought was Joe Dolce Shuddupyaface, but strangely that disappeared… I can’t think why.

And so here I am. We’re about a month away from the big day, and i’m looking for ideas, thoughts, things to do to re capture the spirit of Christmas. I’ve got the spirit bit covered. But it’s the Christmas side I could do with some help with. So, if you have any bright ideas on how I can feel festive, join in the celebrations without grimacing, and not resent buying presents I can’t afford then please let me know, i’d be delighted.

Yours Scooge jr of Manchestford.


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